Frequently Asked Questions

Does Idlewild require members to have badges?

Yes, Idlewild will give out badges shortly. They must be worn at all times.

What is Idlewild's GUEST policy?

$10 per guest for each visit. Babies under 1-year-old are free! Grandparents and caregivers require a daily $10 guest pass.

What if I am a returning member & bought a Groupon?

Unfortunately, Groupon discounts are available to new members only. It is a one time discount. Please go back to Groupon to seek a refund.

What if I bought my membership through Groupon?

Just fill out the online registration form found on the MEMBERSHIP page. Mention GROUPON & you are all set!

I won a membership at an event. How do I join now?

EASY PEASY! Just fill out the online registration & note that you won your membership and where.

Idlewild Pool Club supports our veterans and first responders. Thank you for your service and sacrifice.

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